Community Energy wrap - deferred to 2021

Heather Smith • 21 November 2020

Date: TBA, probably around August 2021

Time: 5:30-6:30pm - Melb,Syd,Can time

Register at:

We are going to start the year by trying to hear from as many people as possible - by asking you to talk for only one minute, and by asking you to prepare.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or old hands with exciting projects. Please make sure your group is nominated to give us a quick rundown of your 2020. One minute should be enough to cover:

  • What would you like everyone to know about your group’s work?
  • How can people to get involved?
  • What do you need most?
  • How can C4CE help you?

How to nominate

Put your name in the comments below (you'll need to be signed in) or send me an email - heather[at]  Also ask questions or talk to someone else about nominating.

How to prepare

Create a single slide - this will be your back drop while you are talking and could include your name, the organisation name and the single most important thing - where do people go to find out more? Please send me your slide in advance and I will create the running sheet for the evening. I am aiming to have at least 20 updates from people - so please, get involved.

I suggest you do at least one practice run, and why not record it? A short one minute video can be quite useful to give people an overview of your organisation and to update them on progress for 2020 and ambitions for 2021.

I will post my sample here on this site when I've finished it. I'd encourage you to do the same. This knowledge hub is a chance for all visitors to "community energy" to see the variety of activities that we are involved with. I think it can be a public face for the sector and we can use it to funnel people back to our individual websites. You can add your video as a stand alone News topic (like this one) or you can link it to a group - (like CORENA News and Events)

During the event

We will be ruthless about timing - when the minute timer goes there will only be a few seconds to finish your sentence and then we will move to the next person.

After the event

I will post the slide deck here.