About C4CE

About C4CE

About C4CE

The Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE) is the peak body of the growing community energy sector in Australia. Established in mid 2014, C4CE has now grown to more than 105 member groups across Australia who are keen to transform their communities to zero-net emissions. In 2018 the Coalition for Community Energy joined forces with Embark to become the one organisation.

C4CE’s vision is for community energy to be a significant creator and beneficiary of Australia’s renewable and sustainable energy system with community energy groups and projects initiating, developing, owning, operating, implementing and benefiting from renewable and sustainable energy.

C4CE sees community energy as being cooperatively-spirited, commercially-driven and environmentally minded. As such, community energy clearly contributes to a bigger picture of action on climate change, sustainability, social equity, community resilience and self-agency.

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Learn more about C4CE on our website: https://c4ce.net.au/

What we do?

Our unique niche and contribution is to focus on collaborative initiatives which are clearly greater than the sum of their individual parts, and which benefit members and the wider community. 

C4CE’s major strategic initiatives include:

  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Community Energy Congress

How you can get involved?

Explore this site which is our knowledge hub. There is more to see if you Join (Sign up) and Log in.

Connect to C4CE via our mailing list, like our Facebook page or join the Facebook conversation if you belong to a community energy group.

Become a supporter. C4CE is a charity, consider a donation. Reach out to the groups on this site to find ways to contribute, everyone welcomes helpers.

Legal Governance

Embark Australia Ltd operates under the trading name the Coalition for Community Energy (C4CE).

ABN: 76 140 094 882

CAN: 140 094 882