Getting help

We've added the following tools to this site to help you get familiar and find your way around:

  • A stepwise onboarding process.
  • A sandpit
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to help you feel familiar with this site, because it is all three things at once, logging in and experimenting with using the site is the fastest way to become familiar with how it works.


We have created a series of onboarding information including: 


The sandpit is set up specifically for you to play around. You can make comments and add topics. It's a great place to post about what you learn as you use the site because that will help any newbies in future. We've put the Frequently Asked Questions and some guides to understanding topics and groups up in the sandpit, so head over there to explore and experiment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us know if your questions aren't answered in the FAQs (via the comments section). Or, better still, help us by adding your question and answer.

Did you find what you need?

Help us make this site work by letting us know in the comments or via email about the extra help you need.

If in doubt, Heather Smith is the best person to contact. If you are logged in contact Heather or send an email to