Victorian Community Power Hub report and resources

Donna Luckman • 22 July 2020

The Victorian Government committed over a two-year period to pilot setting up three Community Power Hubs (CPH) that bring together locals to develop community-owned and operated renewable energy projects in regional areas of Ballarat, Bendigo and the Latrobe Valley.

The aim of the pilot CPH’s was to bring together and help the community in accessing the skills and expertise required to develop and deliver community-based renewable energy projects. This involves local volunteers, businesses, community organisations, not for profit groups and government agencies working to organise and support local community energy project ideas. The approach will look to assist testing project ideas and progressing those that are viable into bankable projects delivering local benefits, and connecting them to capital to deliver.

Free Resources

There are a range of resources available on this page to support community energy projects from concept, design, financial and technical assessment, tender, installation, project management and ongoing operation. These have been arranged into categories as shown to the right.

Some of the documents were designed for specific purposes and will require professional support. Where this is noted in the document description please get in touch with the relevant contact before using.

Resources include: 

  • Project Toolkit (Legal, Financial and Technical)
  • Guides/Powerpoints
  • Solar Farms
  • Solar Roof (Behind the Meter)
  • Energy Storage
  • Microgrid
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Bioenergy

There was an external evaluation completed of the Community Power Hub program. The summary report can be found below.