About this Hub

About this Knowledge Hub

We are thinking of this space as a town square.

The citizens of this fine town are all the members of community energy groups around Australia. This is a space where we can gather and share.

The basis of the Knowledge Resources is the Embark wiki. Embark was established to facilitate the development of a vibrant community renewable energy sector in Australia. Inspired by the success of Hepburn Wind, Australia’s first community owned wind farm, many other communities are keen to participate in, and benefit from, the transition to a low carbon economy. In 2018 the Coalition for Community Energy joined together with Embark to create the one organisation.

But we can all help to update the Knowledge Resources. It can become our Library, closely linked to our University (Research Group) where researchers busily develop the new knowledge the sector needs.

The groups are like a busy Cafe with different clusters working at each table. 

Everyone can help deliver the News, offer to help and share their resources and insights.

Tourists are welcome and we want this town to be a famous place to visit. The media, politicians, investors and policy makers can all learn more about community energy here. They can see us at work and be impressed by what our sector is achieving. Let's show the world, through this Hub, what a thriving sector we are.

Thank You

cana_logoThe C4CE Knowledge Hub was developed thank you to the support of the Climate Action Network Australia small grants program. The CANA Small Grants Program supports small organising projects that educate and organise new and/or diverse voices to advocate for a rapid transformation to net zero emissions using climate justice.

Thank you to the huge amount of hard work from the volunteers at the Coalition for Community Energy

Technology is never the answer, only the means. Building an online community is a social endeavour. So the real work starts now and will rely on the support of those who choose to nurture communities on this site, welcoming people in, showing them how to use the site and encouraging them to share their wisdom.To all those who can see the possibilities of this site and invest in that community management, we thank you in advance.