What are the rules?

Heather Admin • 30 June 2019
Credit goes to Otto Scharmer and U-Lab for the image above.

Thanks for joining us. We all need to be committed to positive behaviour on this site if it is going to become a productive space.

Our shared purpose is growing the community energy sector in Australia so lets all tug in the right direction and recognise that there is space for everyone to contribute. Below is a code of conduct, modified from the Open Network on the future earth website.

As the community on the C4CE Knowledge Hub grows we will establish both an unspoken culture but also an agreed framework for conduct on this site. The Administrators can remove people and content from the site, and like any social network we will rely on the community itself to establish a positive culture, encourage all users to behave positively and report infringements to the administrators for action. The Initial Code of Conduct, Initial Terms and Conditions of Use and Initial Privacy Policy below establish our current position which we will confirm and improve with you - our user community.

Code of Conduct

Our Credo

The network of users on the Coalition for Community Energy Knowledge Hub:

  • share a vision of a future where human and non-human life can flourish on Earth
  • understands that an energy transition is happening and necessary
  • is committed to developing community energy as a possible and positive solution
  • engages respectfully with others that have different backgrounds and cultures
  • promotes a productive dialogue across constituencies about community energy initiatives
  • approaches our work with a collaborative mindset which recognises an open mind, an open heart and an open will are essential for positive progress in this complex world.

As a user of the Coalition for Community Energy Knowledge Hub,

  • I will be respectful of others within the community, and will consider carefully how I interact.
  • I stand by the opinions I express in posts and will not send posts that provoke conflict (trolling) or cyber-bully other participants.
  • I will do my utmost to make sure that information I share is factually correct and that I interact thoughtfully with information to provide informed judgement.
  • I will do my due diligence to check the validity of my sources before I refer or link to them.
  • I will protect my community login information and will not share it with other parties.
  • I will not upload content if I don’t own or have permission to use.
  • I will not post people’s private, personal information. I will not post pornographic, offensive, or obscene material.
  • I will not bring an angry or antagonistic demeanor to my interactions on the site. I will not use this site to sell products or services, and will not engage in spamming.
  • I understand I may be removed from the site if I do not follow the rules.

Terms and Conditions of Use

This site is developed by the Coalition for Community Energy as an experiment in online collaboration and sharing for the community energy sector. By contributing to this community (via accessing, posting, participating or leading activities), and in consideration of the use of the community, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The Coalition for Community Energy disclaims responsibility for unlawful content published on this site by any users.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Coalition for Community Energy against any damages, losses, liabilities, judgements, costs or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) arising out of a claim by a third party relating to any material you post.
  • The Coalition for Community Energy does not expressly or implicitly endorse, approve or certify the accuracy, currency or reliability of any content presented in this community.  Any opinions expressed in this community should not be construed as reflecting the opinions of the Coalition for Community Energy. Reference to any product, process or service does not constitute or imply endorsement or recommendation by the community operator. Likewise, you may not use the community name to promote any product, opinion, cause or political candidate.
  • This community may not be used to solicit political contributions.
  • The Coalition for Community Energy assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from use of information contained in this community, and expressly disclaims all liability for damages arising out of use, reference to, reliance on, or performance of such information.
  • The Coalition for Community Energy hereby disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose.
  • You agree to use this community at your own and sole risk.
  • The Coalition for Community Energy may change these Terms of Use at any time and you are responsible for regularly reviewing them. Your continued use of the community constitutes your agreement to these terms.

Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. Any personal information you provide to us including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of the Coalition for Community Energy. Note that system administrators have access to personal information in order to provide secure backups and ongoing updates and enhancements to the site on our behalf. They are required to protect the confidentiality of the personal information we share with them and to use it only to provide specific services on our behalf. 

You can read more about the ways that the Knowledge Hub makes your information and content visible and ways that you can restrict access or close your account on the Data and Privacy page