Getting started with community energy - free webinar

Heather Smith • 7 September 2020

The community energy sector is growing because many of us want to speed up the transition to a clean energy system. But how to start?

We've set up a free webinar, - its one of the many events being promoted by Fight for Planet A. We also have a short 'getting started' blog in our welcome group that helps you understand some of the best resources on this site.

Many community energy groups have pioneered new approaches, all of them have chosen the approach that works best for them and their community. Groups typically help each other, sharing resources and learning how to speed up the process.

If you're interested in getting started, supporting a local group or starting your own, this is the session for you. The Coalition for Community Energy is the sector's peak body. We have the knowledge hub, resources and relationships to help your community on its journey.

Come and find out about our most successful community energy groups.

Hear how groups have:
- solarised their street, suburb or apartment
- organised finance that provides returns to the community and gets projects up and running
- planned the climate and energy approach together to work over the long term for everyone
- created new organisations and projects that push our energy system in the right direction

Take the first step, join us for a friendly webinar and discussion.

Presented by: Taryn Lane - Hepburn Wind as featured on Fight for Planet A and
Heather Smith - Coalition for Community Energy


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Free webinar to be held on Wed Sept 15th