National Community Energy Strategy 2015

user1 • 12 September 2018

The intent of this Coalition for Community Energy project funded by ARENA was to develop a shared agenda, vision, set of objectives and priority initiatives in order to grow a vibrant community energy sector across Australia. To ensure that this is truly a shared agenda, a highly collaborative process was undertaken to build and secure commitment to this agenda from all key actors in the emerging community energy sector.

National Community Energy Strategy summary version (2 pages)

National Community Energy Strategy full version (52 pages)

The National Community Energy Strategy is underpinned by a significant body of research. Some of this research has been synthesised into publicly available documents, particularly the seven appendices. 

The below appendices are good guides for community energy groups: 

Appendix C: Australian Community Energy Sector Collective Impact Assessment which identifies a process for assessing and tracking the progress and impact of the Australian community energy sector and this strategy, including a baseline assessment against key indicators.

Appendix E: Behind the meter community solar resources including:

  • An overview document of what behind the meter community solar models are, the context they sit within and the constraints they face, 
  • Descriptions of the five most viable community solar models operating or almost operating, 
  • A decision support flowchart to help groups decide which, if any of these models is appropriate for them, and
  • A host-site checklist.

Appendix F: Community Energy Cost Analysis & Cost Reduction Potential Report which analyses the costs of six community energy models and identifies where cost reduction could occur through project replication and a range of other initiatives.

See a web-enabled version of the National Community Energy Strategy on the Colaition for Community Energy website at