Victorian Guide to Community Engagement and Benefit Sharing

Donna Luckman • 13 May 2020

The purpose of this Guide is to set out the Victorian Government’s expectations for the renewable energy industry, and to help assist developers to best engage and share benefits with the communities that will host these renewable energy projects.

Taryn Lane and Jarra Hicks have authored this Guide on behalf of the Victorian Government. Through this Guide, the government is clearly setting its expectations for best practice community engagement and benefit sharing across all renewable energy technologies. The case studies and practical information included in this Guide aim to build awareness, highlight shared benefit initiatives and help developers deliver projects that benefit their hosts, neighbours and communities.

Projects that seek to foster accepted and mutually beneficial outcomes for the local community by
building ongoing relationships of collaboration, trust, mutual respect and transparency, will be favourably assessed under the auction. Contracts with successful projects under the auction will require proponents to demonstrate continued engagement and community support for their projects
throughout the life of the scheme.