Step 2: Start finding what you need

Heather Admin • 30 June 2019

You can explore all the public information on the site without even logging in. There’s more to see and you can start to contribute directly if you are logged in. To start exploring the hundreds of articles, guides and webinars head to the Knowledge Resources button in the top menu.

If you aren’t logged in, you will only see public information. When you are logged in, you will see the information that you have permissions for, for example information from groups where you are a member:

Click on...

Not logged in - what you see

Logged in - what you see


A page with Login in and Sign up buttons

The conversation “stream”. Everything that is happening on the knowledge hub in public, in general spaces and also your groups.

All Groups

Public Groups only

Public and Open groups plus any closed groups where you are a member.

All events

All public events

All events

All topics

All topics that have been set to public

All topics in groups which you have joined plus public topics.

All members

You can’t even see this option

All members who have joined the site