Intro to the energy system - What are the key policies and how do they work

Donna Luckman • 10 June 2020

Webinar 21 November 2017

By popular demand Community Power Agency, with the support of Climate Action Network Australia, is pleased to run four webinars introducing Australia’s energy system. Whether you’re developing a community energy project, advocating for climate action or just want to learn about how Australia’s electricity system works, these four webinars have something for you.

Ever wondered what a reverse auction is or how the renewable energy target actually works or how a CET differs to an RET? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this is the webinar for you. In this second intro to the energy system webinar, Nicky Ison will provide an overview of the key energy policies that have driven renewable energy deployment in Australia and around the world. The webinar will also look at some of the most promising policies for the future.