BZE Zero Carbon Communities Guide

Donna Luckman • 22 July 2020

The Beyond Zero Emissions Zero Carbon Communities Guide isĀ for community groups and councils who want to see rapid local progress towards zero emission targets.

This guide offers a simple framework combined with the key steps a community can take to achieve zero carbon status within ten years. It aims to inspire confidence and action, improve knowledge transfer, publicise initiatives and innovations, offer proven models for action and to point aspiring communities towards the growing number of relevant resources.

Community engagement is at the heart of this work as it will be a key component of everything you need to achieve. The steps identified by BZE and the communities already well down the path to zero emissions. This document provides a simple guide to each step involved and a range of case studies from communities already taking action to reduce their emissions and improve wellbeing and opportunities for their region.

Click here to download the guide.